Catering & Events


With over 20 years of experience, we deliver punctual, professional, and exceptional service. 

We specialize in making sure that everyone can join the table: allergens, aversions, and dietary needs are all welcome. 

We have experience with Fine Dining (full service, linens, and champagne) all the way to Rustic Outdoor Fun (paper towels, picnic tables, beer, and seafood boils). 

We specialize in On Site, Full Service, Corporate, and Drop Off Catering to meet any budget. 

We absolutely love to create menus on an individual basis and we specialize in preparing thoughtful and sentimental offerings for our clients on any budget. 

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"JenChan's never disappoints and yesterday’s brunch was no exception… egg rolls, endives, mongolian beef sliders! I’m still salivating over those smoked tofu radish wraps - Seriously satisfying! If you have an event you need catered - consider giving JenChan’s a try. They careful curated a brunch app menu in our budget and hit all the dietary requirements (veggie/ gf/ carnivore) while keeping the food absolutely DELISH!"
-Dionne Gule