This is a month to celebrate. Happy Pride y'all!

Thanksgiving Preorders are LIVE!

We brought back all of the Classics you have entrusted us with for the past 4 years, along with some very special Dim Sum-ish Menu Options for those seeking a less traditional FEAST!

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All MONTH Long!

Show your Gay Card to redeem these specials ALL MONTH LONG!

Note: Tacos and Banh Mis are offered from 11am-6pm Tuesday - Friday

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October 12: Georgia Organics

As a Farmer Champion, we are proud to to be a part of the Farmer Champion Week Kick-Off Celebration October 12th from 6-9 at Wild Heaven Brewery. On top of that we will offer our Georgia Organics Farmer Champion Special ALL WEEK LONG from the 16th through the 20th!

Georgia Organics Farmer Champion Week

Seafood Boil

Tuesday the 24th



Caroline's Cafe

Supper Club comes to Life...

Emily here. My mom, Caroline, taught me a lot about cooking, i.e., life. She taught me to be patient, to be flexible, to go with what happens, to use mistakes for good, to enjoy the job, to savor, and she taught me that cooking, ultimately, was about the other folks at the table. It wasn't about me.

I have been working on this menu for about 3 years, never quite knowing who I was cooking for or what the purpose was going to be; I have something to process and I need to do that using the tools she gave me. That is all I know.

She still doles out advice to me, I can still hear the things she would say and in this case, I think it would be:

Sit down, I'll make you something to eat.



Let's Eat Supper Together.

The chefs will personally serve you.

The drinks are self serve.

The vibe is relaxed.

This supper is dedicated to my mom.