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Weekly Supper Choices

Weekly Supper Choices

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This Week's Memorial Day

Weekend Offerings & Schedule


Order Cutoff for Weekend pickup has passed but if you order by Sunday you will receive TUESDAY! 


Smoked BBQ Ribs

Half Rack or Whole Rack

Spice Level: medium to spicy

Preparation & Tips: Simply warm in oven in foil provided for 20-40 minutes at 325 until fall fork tender

Gluten Free


BBQ Brisket

Portion Size:  by the pound; 1/4 to 1/2 pound per person recommended.

Spice Level: mild

Preparation & Tips: Simply warm in oven in foil provided in ten minute increments depending on weight. Makes amazing leftover Brisket Melts: grab your favorite cheese and some crisp lettuce and make the melt of your dreams. 

Gluten Free 


Smoked Sturgeon

Portion Size:  1

Spice Level: none

Preparation & Tips: This is ready to enjoy as is but we do prefer a little heat on it; warm in nonstick pan over medium heat, flip after a couple of minutes, you don't want to cook it hard or all the way through, just warm it. This is served with a Corn Crema & Pickled Bok Choy

Gluten Free / Pescatarian


WHOLE Hoisin Boston Butt

Portion Size:  Whole Hoisin Smoked Boston Butt (leftovers freeze great!)

Spice Level: Mild

Preparation & Tips: Ready to enjoy. You may pick it and warm it or portion it out for later, it freezes great. If serving for a family or party, just place whole butt in the oven at 325 loosely covered in foil and warm for about 45 minutes until nice and warm throughout. This can also be enjoyed sliced like country ham and enjoyed that way. Very versatile. 

Comes with 2 quarts of Dressed Slaw (dressing on the side) and 24 tortillas

Gluten Free 


Prime Rib

Portion Size:  by the pound; 1/4 to 1/2 pound per person recommended.

Spice Level: mild

Preparation & Tips: This is prepared to rare for you, marinated and cooked in our big green egg; enjoy as you would your favorite steak; we suggest just kissing it on both sides in a very hot oiled pan. Best enjoyed on the rarer side. Great with an egg in the morning if you have leftovers. Makes a killer cheesesteak and tacos. 

Gluten Free


Zhug Kabobs

Crisp Charred Veggies, tons of flavor from the Zhug sauce

Portion Size:  2 kabobs

Spice Level: medium

Preparation & Tips: just warm in oven at 325 until hot throughout or heat in a pan turning occasionally. 


Vegan / Gluten Free


Smoked Fingerling Potatoes

Served with Red Sorrel Crema

Portion Size: 1 pint

Spice Level: none

Preparation & Tips: Enjoy cold or hot, to heat just warm in 325 oven until hot throughout or heat in a pan turning occasionally.

Vegetarian / Gluten Free


Bacon OR Mushroom Blue Wedge

Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Dressing, House Bacon or Roasted Mushroom, Herbs, one head of Iceberg, accoutrements to make 3-4 salads

Spice Level: none

Preparation & Tips: Simply slice iceberg to desired thickness and enjoy. 

Gluten Free / Can be Vegetarian


Strawberry Sweet Peas

Springtime! Enjoy cold or hot, these peas are cooked for you and marinated in Strawberry Vinaigrette with Tendrils (if available) we will substitute Shaved Dinosaur Kale if Tendrils are not available.  

Portion Size:  1-2; 1 pint of Peas

Spice Level: none

Gluten Free / Vegetarian


Cornbread Pudding

A staple for every holiday in our home, tender cornbread so soft it's like pudding. 

Portion Size:  1

Spice Level: none

Preparation & Tips: Warm in a pan or in the oven on medium heat or 325 until warm

Vegetarian  / Gluten Free


Strawberry Fields Salad

We just keep getting great strawberries from Pearson Farms so we're gonna keep running this special. A delightful seasonal simple Salad of Local Greens with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Vegan / Gluten Free


Smashed Cucumbers

Ready to enjoy; Chinese marinated in black vinegar, gluten free soy sauce, and herbs. 

Portion Size:  1-2; 1 pint of Smashed Cucumbers

Spice Level: mild

Vegan / Gluten Free


Peach Cobbler

Warm in 350 oven until nice and hot, enjoy with ice cream or as is.

Pearson Farms Peaches. 

Portion Size:  1 9inch pie

Spice Level: none

Can be Gluten Free

Dietary Info.

We are proud of our strong reputation in caring for sensitive dietary needs. We take allergies incredibly seriously: all orders with dietary restrictions are prepared at a separate time and space in our kitchen to avoid cross contamination


We make very deliberate packaging decisions to ensure this planet is a beautiful and safe space for our son and future generations. We chose aluminum for the majority of our packaging because it is touted as being "infinitely recyclable" with a 68% rate compared to plastic at 3%. Your containers can be used again and again. You are also welcome to wash and place it in your red bag (that comes with your order) and we will take care of the rest for you; the same goes for any plastic containers sent your way.

Please feel free to use your Red bag until the time for your next order, then you can just leave it on your porch or outside your door and we will replace with a fresh, sanitized one.

Pickup and Delivery Information

Your order will be delivered by someone on our team generally from 1-5pm on Tuesdays. We deliver in a red insulated bag with ice packs (weather dependent) so you don't have to be home when we deliver. You may pick up your order from our restaurant Tuesday - Thursday after 3pm on date chosen.

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