Super Bowl 2023


Delivery Supper Club

Let us be the official sponsor of your Super Bowl or Just a Random Sunday Party...either way, enjoy!


Delivery OR Pickup Super Bowl Sunday

THE SYSTEM WILL NOT allow you to choose correct date; however, we will override that. This is a Special offering outside of our normal Supper Club offerings. 

Everything packaged as kits with super simple heating instructions so you can enjoy on your time. 

Sheet Pan Nachos GF

Vietnamese Pork
Vegetarian Vietnamese Beyond Pork


 Wings (6 wings per order)

C-Town Spicy with Blue Cheese or Ranch GF
Chinese Lemon Pepper Wet 


Spare Ribs  GF

1/2 Rack
Whole Rack


Sriracha Honey “Pigs in a blanket”  

Grass-fed Beef OR Vegetarian “Sausage”


Soy Sauce Boiled Peanuts   GF


C Town Honey Cauliflower & Spicy Peanuts  GF Vegan


Honey Sriracha "Pigs in a Blanket"  

Grass-fed Beef OR Vegetarian Beyond


Chicken MikNugget Platter

Chinese Honey Mustard / C Town Ranch / R Town BBQ Sauce 


Justacos Kit  GF

6 Classic Hard Shell Justacos
Everything packaged separately with simple reheating instructions for the most delicious taco experience


Pizza  LARGE (8 slices)

PIZZA Cheese / Pepperoni / All the Mushrooms / WWJCD / Vietnamese Pork


Spicy Peanuts