ONE Table


Only 1 left!

A Private Dinner at JenChan's

Around $65 per person

We miss your smile but we aren't comfortable opening our dining room to the public yet so our team came up with a plan.
We are offering one table, a chef's table if you will, to one intimate group.

The table must be pre-purchased as a "Unit" since the whole point of this is so that you and your favorite people, folks you trust, can Eat Supper Together in a restaurant setting. We aren't opening any seat in the restaurant to anyone else. We will accommodate one group up to 8 people.

The time slots available are in the drop down menu above.
As soon as a day slot is chosen, we will remove all other availability for that day.

Stuff you should know:
The Menu is not like anything we serve in the restaurant. We have hired two new chefs to help us with this new venture.  The only way for this to work for us (business & financial stuff) is to create a super special menu with a higher price point...think YUMMY! We have already spoken with our farmers at Hunter Cattle for special cuts and have our seafood purveyors on board as well. We are sourcing amazing fresh produce from local farms; things we can't normally carry. We even reached out to our wine reps to up our wine game.
This is a multi course (5-7 courses) dinner + dessert. Alcohol is not included.

The menu is prefixed.
The dining room is sanitized (chairs and all) before you arrive.
We have thought long and hard about all the details to ensure the ones you love the most are safe and able to relax and enjoy themselves in an intimate setting with some truly yummy food. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. Our job is to accommodate you.

This reservation is for 7pm unless requested otherwise.
Email: for any questions or adjustments.
We understand not everyone will have dietary restrictions but if one person at the table has a restriction or allergy, we need to know, so please let us know in the special instructions and we will follow up with details.