Lion's Mane Concentrated Broth


Delivery Supper Club

Our Lions Mane Sake broth has been so popular as a Ramen base and soup base that we haven't been able to keep up with packaging the accoutrements so we are offering it as a concentrated broth for you to enjoy as you wish. This is a concentrate of Lion's Mane, meaning we actually simmer the mushrooms for a full day and then puree them to liquid, and then return them to the stock; it is a two day process. You can cut this concentrate with wine, a different stock (chicken or veg), or water to taste. It tastes delicious as is, as well, it is just highly concentrated Lion's Mane. 


  • By itself as a hot soup (my favorite way to enjoy)
  • Add some yummy greens like dinosaur kale, bok choy, spinach, etc
  • Add noodles and veggies, chili oil and make your own Mushroom Ramen
  • You can even turn this into a Mushroom Cream sauce for pasta
  • Use it as a base for any dish that involves a stock: chicken noodle, chicken and dumplings, poached fish, or tofu. 

Lion's Mane may protect against dementia, anxiety, depression; repairs nerve damage; anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & immune-boosting abilities.