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House Rubs & Spice Kits

House Rubs & Spice Kits

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JenChan's blend of herbs and spices created to make your meat, veggies, tofu or seafood the tastiest it can be.  Whether you are mixing it in, or rubbing it on, you will want these specially made rubs and seasonings to be a staple in your pantry.

BBQ Dry Rub

Generously apply to meat tofu, vegies or seafood. The larger the cut, the longer the rub should permeate before cooking or smoking.

Steak Rub

Same directions as above.

Taco Seasoning

Brown one pound of ground beef or vegetarian protein. Drain fat. Combine 3-5 tablespoons to 1 cup of water and heat until simmering. Combine with your cooked protein.

Dietary Info.

We are proud of our strong reputation in caring for sensitive dietary needs. We take allergies incredibly seriously: all orders with dietary restrictions are prepared at a separate time and space in our kitchen to avoid cross contamination


We make very deliberate packaging decisions to ensure this planet is a beautiful and safe space for our son and future generations. We chose aluminum for the majority of our packaging because it is touted as being "infinitely recyclable" with a 68% rate compared to plastic at 3%. Your containers can be used again and again. You are also welcome to wash and place it in your red bag (that comes with your order) and we will take care of the rest for you; the same goes for any plastic containers sent your way.

Please feel free to use your Red bag until the time for your next order, then you can just leave it on your porch or outside your door and we will replace with a fresh, sanitized one.

Pickup and Delivery Information

Your order will be delivered by someone on our team generally from 1-5pm on Tuesdays. We deliver in a red insulated bag with ice packs (weather dependent) so you don't have to be home when we deliver. You may pick up your order from our restaurant Tuesday - Thursday after 3pm on date chosen.

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