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Each week we curate a Supper of the Week. Due to demand, we added a Second Supper called, Mik's Pick (named after our son and CFO) and then a Third Vegetarian Seasonal Special. You can also order anything from our ever-changing online Market including Side add ons like salads and macaroni & cheese. 

Place your order by Sunday for delivery the following week.

You can expect thoughtful suppers with a hint of Southern influence and a hint of Asian influence (like our family). 
Everything is already prepared; no prep required. We hope to give you more time with the ones you love and less time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.


What kind of prep is involved? 

Everything is already prepared for you; simply heat and eat. We keep sauces and dressings separate and thoughtfully package everything with as little impact to the environment as possible. Most of the Suppers come in an oven safe recyclable container so that you don’t even have to wash your pots or pans.

Where do you make your food? 

We prepare everything at our Brick and Mortar location in Cabbagetown, Atlanta. 186 Carroll Street SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. 

How does delivery work?

Metro Atlanta and a bit beyond will be delivered in a Red Insulated Bag with Ice Packs. We ask that you just place the bag outside on your porch and the next time you order from us we will swap out with another one.

Outside of this area (the remainder of Georgia) will be shipped.

If you live in our neighborhood or surrounding, you receive Free Delivery.

We collect all orders throughout week and deliver the following week. All deliveries in Metro Atlanta area will be delivered on Tuesdays. 

How do you package your food? 

We package with as little impact to the environment as possible. While compostable packaging is fantastic, most folks don't actually compost so that compostable packaging ends up in a plastic trash bag that ends up in a landfill. Landfills are meant to prevent decomposition, not enable it. After extensive testing and research, we landed on the award winning (Sustainable Packaging Award) TempGuard Insulated Liners by Sealed Air. They are reusable and 100% curbside recyclable. They’re made from durable 50-lb. Kraft paper, with uniform inner padding composed of 100% recycled paper fibers, including 25% post-consumer content. We also landed on Nordic Ice packs for their commitment to recyclable, environmentally friendly, and food safe products; they are THE innovators of the industry.

My package was shipped; what do I do with all the stuff? 

There are a few options.

Reuse: Nordic Ice Packs are reusable and work great for beach or fishing trips. The TempGuard Liners are reusable as well and maintain cold temperatures for very long periods of time. They also work wonders as a padding to protect against damage during shipping. 

Recycle: Drop the TempGuard Liners in your curbside recycling bin along with the cardboard box (most curbside recycling programs accept cardboard boxes since they are a high-commodity material). Cut open the Nordic ice pack and dispose in your trash can (completely environmentally safe and non toxic) and then place the plastic in the recycling bin. 

How do I change my subscription?

I want something different next week. 

You can change menu items, skip weeks (vacation!), or upgrade/downgrade the size of your subscription. For example, your extended family is coming in to town or you want to plan a dinner party; go to your manage subscriptions page and swap the items. We are a small and personable business so must of our clients simply send us an email ( with their vacations, changes, or if they want to swap between two suppers and we take care of everything. Otherwise, click this link:

Manage Your Subscription 

How "Organic" are you? 

The majority of your supper comes from farms within Georgia whenever possible; we always thoughtfully source our products. We always strive to source Certified Organic produce and we will always choose our farms carefully - protein must be Pastured or Grass-fed with no added growth hormones or antibiotics. We will sometimes throw in a dash of our favorite brand of hot sauce or gluten free oyster sauce and we can’t attest to the organic-ness of those beloved sauces (but we just love them so much).

Are you gluten free?  

We have friends and family who have varying degrees of Gluten Intolerance as well as Celiac Disease so we invested energy in revamping our recipes to be more inclusive to those who can't tolerate gluten. All of our Suppers of the Week have a Gluten Free Option; just let us know in Special Instructions at checkout. 

**There are also times that we may serve menu items that clearly contain gluten and we will be sure to clearly point that out on the label. We will not make these menu items in the same kitchen space or at the same time as non-gluten menu items. Let us know if you would not like to receive these by emailing us at and we will not send you those menu items. 


What is your minimum order?

Each Product contains the minimum order listed. We ask that Catering orders at least reach $150 but understand that there are cases where that may not work. Reach out to us and we will do everything we can to make it work.


Not required at this time.

Vegetarian? Gluten Free? No Soy?

We can do it all.

Do you ever setup onsite to cook for guests?

Absolutely! We love bringing our gear and making Mongolian Beef Cheesesteaks (or Cauliflower Cheese“steaks”) or our amazing breakfast Aebleskivers. Just send us an email:

Delivery Area
Our Supper Club delivers to ALL of Georgia ! ! ! 
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And if you live in our neighborhood, you get FREE Delivery (no Promo Code required; automatically adjusts at checkout).