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The Hottest New Brunches
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(Published on February 21, 2021)




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"The Sláinte" – JenChan's 1st Place Grilled Cheese


Atlanta Grilled Cheese Festival

JenChan's –  1st PlaceJenChan's First Place Grilled Cheese Fest 2019 Best Classic Atlanta

Published by C.W. Cameron on April 8, 2020 

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How JenChan's restaurant in Atlanta hopes to outlast the COVID-19 pandemic...

Published on December 18, 2020 

Read (FULL ARTICLE) / Watch (VIDEO)  – Coverage by  Matthew Pearl 
This article received First Place – 2021 for NPPA Best of Photojournalism Award.



Eater Atlanta

 As COVID-19 Cases Soar, Atlanta Restaurant Owners
Say It’s Too Soon to Reopen.

Published by Beth McKibben on  (Read Full Article)

Jen Chan and Emily Chan with son Mik

Jen and Emily Chan, the owners of JenChan’s Restaurant and Supper Club in Cabbagetown, say they won’t reopen on Monday. Emily Chan is still grieving the loss of her uncle who died from complications due to COVID-19 in a Georgia nursing home.

“We will not put our staff or the rest of our community at risk by reopening to the public Monday,” Chan tells Eater Atlanta. “I hope our entire restaurant community can unite against this. We will continue takeout and delivering, but we cannot risk a second wave when the first wave is still happening.”

Chan says the restaurant is struggling, even with their prepared meals delivery service helping to buoy the business. The couple applied for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) on the very first day. Money ran out before their emergency loan could be approved.

“We desperately want to put our food on a plate instead of in a box, but it isn’t worth the cost,” says Chan. “This has been heartbreaking for us, and we have suffered economic and real personal loss. We won’t be a part of adding to that suffering.” 



JenChan's Staff at Cabbagetown Atlanta Restaurant

Restaurants Are Supporting Their Communities with Whatever They Have

By Gowri Chandra. Published on June 05, 2020. (Read Full Article)

Food & Wine Magazine Excerpt:  Some restaurants are offering paid time off to employees joining the demonstrations. JenChan’s in Atlanta is one such establishment. “I just feel incredibly passionate about this,” co-owner Emily Chan told Food & Wine. “I’m not going to choose business over people’s lives. This is just way too important, and we’ve had way too many opportunities like this to do something as a country.”