Cooking Instructions

Please enjoy Bouillabaisse first! Pescatarians, Chili Peanut Fish should be eaten next; everyone else; please freeze your veggie burger bun if you are not using
within two days! We don't add preservatives to our bread, so they need
to be consumed quickly. Enjoy your meals and eat supper together!
Omnivores and Pescatarians: Please enjoy Sablefish first, and/or Sardine version of Nam Sod dish! 
Omnivores and Pescatarians: We recommend enjoying Salmon first if ordering more than one supper. Followed by the Lentils. 
Vegetarians: We recommend enjoying Lentils first if ordering more than one supper. Followed by the Handkerchief Pasta
We recommend enjoying seafood chowder first and chicken salad hoagie second!
If not eating hoagie on the day it is received, bread is best frozen until you are ready for your meal.
Omnivores: Enjoy Shrimp First! Vegetarians, enjoy Impossible Meatballs First!
Omnivores AND Vegetarians: Enjoy Gazpacho first! Hoagie is best enjoyed second... or freeze your hoagie bun for maximum freshness.